Environmental management

CargoLine starts eco-certification

CargoLine starts eco-certification

In 2008 CargoLine began the eco certification of its network. After finishing in July  2008, CargoLine was the first groupage cooperation that started the certification of environmental management  according to 1 DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 while simultaneously completing it’s quality management certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, including the HACCP-concept.

Environmental protection and operating a forwarding business are not in contradiction to one another and the partnering companies of CargoLine have been showing that for a while now. From paperless dispatch, consolidated transports, route optimisation, avoiding empty trips to using biodiesel and petrol-saving HGVs, driver training, power generation with solar collectors, waste separation and biological water treatment in car washes – this and much more is standard among the partner companies. Through environmental certification practice is made official and transparent towards the shipping agents.

”Considering the globalization and today’s consumer behaviour, the volume of transport will grow in the next few years. To make sure the environment is protected all of CargoLines partnering companies have taken action to make sure exactly that happens. The eco certification shows that we play a pioneering role among the groupage cooperations.” Jörn Peter Struck, Owner/CEO of CargoLine