A good feeling of safety

Security and privacy is very important for us and to make sure that you feel safe, we affiliated to s.a.f.e. S.A.F.E. stands for “Protection and united action to increase safety in forwarding.” As well as our other partners we would like to maximize your protection and to minimize or exclude mistakes and risks.


With the s.a.f.e.-certificate, which we obtained in August 2009 for the first time, all of our safety standards were approved with great manner. For John Spedition and for you, the certificate offers a simple and logical concept, which has been established in all of our Cargoline partnering companies since 2008. The certification is now mandatory for all companies.

And finally another positive message: On the 1 October 2018, an audit took place, which tested whether all the s.a.f.e. requirements have been obtained and we exceeded the test. Furthermore an improvement could be achieved by organizational measures in comparison with the initial audit of 2009.


For futher information please look at www.safe-spediteure.de.