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Whether its general cargo, part or full shipments, sea or air freights, custom clearances or contract logistics: John Spedition is capable of completing any logistical need or demand.

Approximately 200 employees make up our medium-sized transport and logistics company located in Eichenzell, ensuring that your overseas or in-air transported packages arrive safely. In addition to the standard transport, John offers client-specific “milk runs” along with overnight general cargo transportation to clients in capitals as well as business centres in Europe. Services such as quality-control, contract logistics and container services contribute to our comprehensive product portfolio, with certifications like AEO-F, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 including the HACCP-concept and environmental management, completed by DIN EN ISO 14001 and s.a.f.e..

In 1996 we began operating in the central hub and ever since 2012 we have operated the Europe hub as well. Because of our co-operation with CargoLine, we have the ability to manufacture over 5,000 packages (with a total weight of over 830,000 kg.) within a time range of 5 hours, with the help of over 100 trucks to 112 gateways nightly.

As a result of our characterized corporate culture and our owner-operated business, we have the advantage of flat hierarchy, which allows fast decision-making and flexibility. This ensures that we can supply our clients with customized, personal answers.

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