2015 70th company anniversary
2012 Comissioning of Europe hub for CargoLine
2012 Birgit Bergemann takes over the company
2011 Birgit Bergemann is appointed to Managing Director
2010 Klaus Schröder retires after 51 years
1996 Comissioning of the central hub (national) for CargoLline
1993 Establishment of CargoLine GmbH. John Spedition is one of the seven founding partners
1993 Comissioning of the new shipping facility in Eichenzell
1993 In the years of 1990 to 1993, the companies, Wilhelm Helmke GmbH & Co. KG/Fulda und Jos. Feuerstein GmbH/Künzell are acquired and integrated with John Spedition
1989 Number of employees finally hits the 100-Mark jumping from 97 to 109
1988 Refoundation of John Spedition GmbH; Klaus Schröder takes over the company
1979 Death of the company founder and the ownership is transferred to the widow Gislinde John, Klaus Schröder is appointed to Managing Director
1962 Construction and commissioning of a larger warehouse in Kohlhaus
1945 The company is founded by Horst John as John & Co. Transportgesellschaft
Willi Schneider (left) and Horst John (right) in front of a HGV of regular service Fulda-Rhein-Ruhr 1953
Klaus Schröder (left) Frau John (middle) und Birgit Bergemann (right)